Im Alltag gibt es immer irgendwelche Treffen, zu denen man sich verabredet, d.h. Termine ausmacht, verschiebt oder absagt. Diese Seite liefert hierzu nützliche Redewendungen.


sich verabredento make an appointment
einen Verabredung bestätigento confirm an appointment
einen Termin wahrnehmento keep an appointment
einen Termin absagento cancel an appointment
einen Termin vepassento miss an appointment
Bear in mind that you have got an appointment.Vergiss nicht, dass du verabredet bist.

Feststellen eines Terminbedarfes

  • This is best discussed face to face.
  • I think we should meet.
  • Can we arrange a meeting?
  • Can we make an appointment?


  • When could we meet?
  • When would it suit you?
  • What time would be most convenient for you?
  • What time would suit you best?
  • Terminvorschlag
  • Is next Monday OK with you?
  • I’d prefer Monday morning.
  • Should we say Friday at 11 a.m.?
  • Could we make it a bit earlier?
  • Could we make it a bit later?
  • Let’s make it 3 p.m..


  • I doubt if I’ll be free then.
  • I’m afraid I’ll be busy then.
  • No, Friday’s no good at all, I’m afraid.
  • Sorry, I can’t make it, how about Thursday morning?


  • Yes, I could make it on Monday at three.
  • Yes, Monday would be fine.
  • Yes, Monday suits me very well.
  • Yes, Monday is very convenient.
  • Yes, I seem to be free on Monday.
  • OK, see you then, bye bye.


  • Where should we meet, in your office?


  • I am afraid I will not be able to keep the appointment we made for next Monday.
  • Could we possibly postpone the meeting until the late afternoon?