Als Werkzeugkasten gedachte englische Phrasen zum Leiten einer Telefonkonferenz  

  • tool kit for chairing a telephone conference


  • Hello, Michael Miller from Berlin here.


  • OK, let’s get started.
  • As you can see / know,we have / ther are several objectives today.
  • I’d like to follow the items one by one / in the order on the aganda.
  • I plan to chair the first point.
  • Then, Lisa will get in / take over.
  • Can I ask people to introduce themselves before they speak.
  • Please take an active part in / participate actively.
  • Please don’t interrupt others if you can avoid it.
  • Thomas will be taking the minutes.
  • As for timing, the line is available until 8 o’clock.
  • Does anyone have to leave the conference early?
  • So far so good?
  • Shall we start with the first item then?


  • Peter, what do you think?
  • Does anyone want to comment on Herbert’s opinion / statement.
  • May I ask for your thoughts on …, Thomas?
  • What do you feel about …, Dirk?
  • Any comments? Michael? … Lea? … Hans?
  • Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this issue?
  • We need to decide …
  • Peter, do you agree with this?
  • I’d like to hear Hans’s view now, Hans?

Die Teilnehmer sollten hier unbedingt mit dem Namen angesprochen werden! 


  • I think we are digressing. Can we come back to the agenda.
  • Can we speed this up a little. We’re running out of time.
  • Could you speak up a little, Frank? We can’t hear you so well.
  • Sorry Peter, can I just come in at this point?
  • I want to check if that’s clear with everyone.
  • We might be able to get round this difficulty if …
  • Can I take it that we can all agree on …?
  • OK. Can we go quickly round the table? Please say „YES“ if you agree. Peter? .. Frank?
  • Great, we’ve got an outcome – …
  • Fine, it’s decided that …


  • Well, I think that covers everything.
  • Thank you all for your constructive contributions.
  • Does anyone wish to add anything?
  • Keep me posted for …